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Your Multi Market Trading Platform
One Trader Pro offers superior dual functionality including the ability to trade and view multiple markets simultaneously on your desktop. Its state-of-the-art technology provides you with an innovative, convenient and secure platform that allows you to trade and view real-time data in Egypt, the UAE, Oman, Kuwait and KSA.
• Real-time access to multi-market news and data, including the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and NILEX, Dubai Financial Market (DFM), Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), NASDAQ Dubai, Muscat Securities Market (MSM) and the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE)
• Easily place and edit orders across multiple Arab-world markets
• Track live market data feeds, stock details, market by order or / and by price, with data exportable to Microsoft Excel either from whole market or executed symbol screens
• Get live stock quotes and customize your watch lists for several markets in addition to easy access to market summary, index and news
• Track live data feed on your portfolio through “My Watchlist”
• Easy access to your portfolio and cash position via “Portfolio”
• Live and historical charts for stocks & indices with data exportable to Microsoft Excel & PDF allowing for stock correlation
• The Hot Spot Bar allows easy and personalized viewing: Using the drag and drop tool, you can monitor aspects of multiple markets simultaneously, including selected stocks, indices and market summaries
• Quickly create conditional alerts and conditional orders

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One Platform. A World of Opportunities.
One’s state-of-the art trading platform offers you the ability to track and trade multiple MENA markets, global exchanges and a wide array of asset classes with just a click of a button. One was developed to incorporate EFG Hermes’ new cutting-edge online trading infrastructure. By running native in any web browsers on macOS & windows and on both iOS and Android, the platform has the look, feel, speed and stability that you have come to expect of your favorite mobile platform.
Award winning insights, on-ground expertise
With unrivalled on-the-ground access to the region’s major markets, the award-winning EFG Hermes research division has solidified its position as the region’s leading research house. The research division provides products to the region’s major markets by virtue of its diversified portfolio, which includes in-depth coverage of 146 regional equities, equivalent to c. 60% of the aggregate regional market capitalisation, the broadest sampling of stocks available in the Middle East and North Africa.
The research analysis is based on three areas:
• Equities Research: Provides up-to-date and comprehensive bottom-up coverage of regional equities across Middle Eastern and North African stock markets.
• Macro and Strategy Research: The award-winning macro strategy team provide macroeconomic analyses of MENA economies, providing context and top-down macro expectations for the MENA region and take an overall view on the market and provide indispensable analysis on key equity themes and markets performance. The strategy team actively manages EFG Hermes Research’s MENA top 20 stock list, a portfolio designed to help clients find value and outperformance in MENA. The portfolio has outperformed the market since inception.
• Index Research: The index research provides fund flow analysis on MSCI and FTSE flows in the MENA region. Fund flow analysis is conducted through the branded Ebb & Flow index research products, through weekly and event-driven research. In addition, a detailed data analysis of all MENA markets is provided to the clients through the comprehensive data team.
Devise your investment strategy
EFG Hermes Technical Analysis is a powerful tool for studying market trends, price patterns and collective investor behavior through the analysis of historical price charts and trading volumes, and is an essential resource for any investor.
Serving as your overall portfolio manager, EFG Hermes Technical Analysis is a smart, timely and interactive tool suitable for all portfolio sizes, providing you with key insights into when to buy and sell stocks. Technical Analysis is a highly sought-after, user-friendly service offering you insight into relevant market trends and indicators to help you make informed investment decisions.
Smart, accurate analysis to manage your portfolio
• Technical Analysis is an analytical tool, providing you with daily, weekly, and monthly portfolio management options
• Provides daily buy-and-sell recommendations, along with weekly and monthly portfolio management options
• Access to bilingual daily reports, including same-day trading averages and expected weekly highs and lows
• Offers technical analysis report as an interactive Microsoft Excel file, the only such service in Egypt
• Access to comprehensive market analysis including summaries, forecasts and recommendations
• View stocks sorted by comparison, with lists providing guidance on the best and worst performers
A fully comprehensive suite of products:
Trader’s Edge
Daily analyses of multiple MENA markets (Egypt, KSA, & UAE)
Trader’s Watch
In-depth analysis of specific stocks and markets to shape your medium-term investment strategy
Trader’s Flash
Take advantage of the hands-on recommendation of certain stocks during the trading session for short-term opportunities
Trader’s Guide
Longer-term market insights from the yearly forecasts
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Technical Analysis
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